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Company Background

Smart Solutionz (SS) is a privately held IT service provider located in Lahore. Founded in 2009. SS has grown to be one of the leading and most well respected IT service providers. We service many industries, including, transportation, healthcare, state and federal government, legal, non-profit, financial, and manufacturing. SS currently provides IT services throughout Pakistan.

At our core is an intense commitment to providing our customers quality, cost effective solutions based on proven technologies. This focus on quality is cultivated within every staff member. At SS, we understand that different industries face different challenges. With over 5 years of experience, the chances are we’ve seen and solved your challenge before.

Our Approach

By delivering concierge level technology services, SS is providing a level of attention and detail that is unheard of in our industry. We work diligently with our clients to tailor our response times, escalation plans and remote support to meet the needs of their business. We understand that no two clients are the same so we do not build our service on a “one size fits all” type of model.

SS strives to create a positive work environment that rewards exceptional performance, supports professional development, provides opportunities for career growth, and values the exceptional talents each employee contributes to the company.

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As a re-seller Smart Solutionz we provide a large range of different VOIP hardware including Traditional Foreign eXchange Subscriber Interface, Foreign eXchange Office Interface, ISDN Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface and many more…



Interconnectivity between offices can improve the communication and benefits any Corporation. SS can provide such solution with affordability and in low cost. These solution’s can be on Layer 2 / Layer 3, MAN (Metropolitan Network) connectivity, Frame Relay, MPLS or even on VSAT’s as well.

Managed ICT

Managed ICT

Smart Solutionz provide you with the perfect opportunity to offload day-to-day management of your non-core information and communications technology. Adoption of managed ICT services leads to cost savings, frees up a company’s IT staff, and helps you making best use of available resources. SS supports the implementation and management of quality information technology services. IT service management is performed by IT service providers through people, process and information technology.

Security & Servillance

Security & Servillance

Video surveillance is a vital tool for protecting people and property around the clock. The increasing availability and, thus, lower cost of higher-quality cameras makes improving the effectiveness of video more affordable. However, a new issue now holds back users increased storage requirements. In a normal retail environment, it is common for video storage costs to exceed 50% of the entire surveillance system cost. This places an incredible financial burden on retailers, especially during these tough economic times. In response, many retailers are turning to record-on-motion devices that have the potential to save storage, but can leave costly gaps in visibility.



Outsourcing is an allocation of specific business processes to a specialist external service provider. Most of the times an organization cannot handle all aspects of a business process internally.The opposite of outsourcing, insourcing, entails bringing processes handled by third-party firms in-house, and is sometimes accomplished via vertical integration. However, a business can provide a contract service to another business without necessarily insourcing that business process.


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